Word of the day: Demisexual

Demisexuality: is a sexual orientation where people only experience sexual attraction to folks that they have close emotional connections with. In other words, demisexual people only experience sexual attraction after an emotional bond has formed.
– Healthline.com

I wish I came across this, “specific” sexuality years ago and if I told you how and where I got it from you’d think i was crazy so I’ll save that story for another day. I’ve always been surrounded by individuals particularly women who’d either give me the side eye or the opposite who’d offer me encouragement to sleep around every time I mentioned I was sexually frustrated but refused to sleep with just anybody. I won’t sit here and pretend like I’m some sort of angel I’ve had my “fun” years ago but you get to an age when that fun is no longer fun, you get to a moment in life when you eventually love something, more like someone and even more powerful than that you experience what it is to genuinely have an emotional connection with somebody whom you eventually fall in love with and for me the sex is out of this world. I’ve been taken to the moon and back and it was beyond the stroke of the motions that had me mesmerized or the feel of his skin or the warmth of his lips it’s been all along something that I can’t quite put into words. I honestly could never put into words things i feel so deeply and It’s that deep. Let’s just say for now I’ve reached a level of better understanding as to why I am the way am …I’m 28 years old just figuring MYSELF out. When you’re passionate about everything you long for the same in return, you don’t just find that in anybody. Passion comes from emotion and you don’t get that from just sex. Sex itself? I’ve lost interest in that years ago especially when I’ve learned to master the art of finding pleasure within myself. I stopped needing a man for just that alone, i require so much more. My body not only wants to be fed, but so does my mind. I can’t feed my body if my minds being starved. Now that I’ve become aware that Demi sexuality exist I can finally accept that maybe nothing’s wrong with me, maybe I’m not broken, maybe I’m not that different and just maybe there are other people like myself. It use to make me feel a certain way when girls and guys bragged about sleeping with someone whom they could care less about and I’d ask myself why has it been so hard for me to just do that. It’s as simple as the definition, I’m not and I can’t become sexually attracted to someone who I don’t have an emotional connection with especially when that’s something I crave more than anything, i crave things I don’t find too often.

Have you ever slept with someone whom you no longer had feelings for and the sexual experience wasn’t the same? Or maybe with someone who you didn’t care as much for… Ever wondered why ? Isn’t sex just sex? Well maybe it’s because an-emotional connection no longer exist or was never there in the first place. I definitely have been there and it’s disappointing but funny more than anything else to think it was amazing to me at one point or maybe my urges overpowered what I really longed for…idk! It really makes you wonder how much our emotions effect us on a daily basis and how often we let it control us when we have little to no control. Let me know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Word of the day: Demisexual

  1. Girl. First off can I just say I’m gettin Carrie sex and the city vibes so please feed my soul! Love this blog already! Secondly yes it’s crazy because I have had that happen to me. Where I go to sort of revive the moment if you will with someone I used to be head over heels for and once the moment came I was like……..this doesn’t even feel the same and it’s because the emotional connection wasn’t there and I’m so big on the vibe I have with someone. All of that ties into the sexual aspect of things and how his kisses and touch and smell affects me. So yes! You are definitely not alone and even if you were there’s nothing wrong with needing more than just sex!

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    1. Vivian,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I’m so glad you were able to enjoy this read and could share your own experiences. I hope you continue to follow me throughout this journey of mines, Stay tuned for more .


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