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How do I allow myself to feel again?

…Thought after thought of how I’ve had to glue myself back together, i was broken. The glass is barely intact, I’m barely holding on. How do you move forward with that?

Nobody really cares about your sad story and or how they become this new chapter in your life, giving a fragment of hope as we turn the page as we think to ourselves maybe this one will be better.

Maybe this is how my story ends…happy?

Sometimes it feels like every page of your past is ripped to shreds and a new one begins almost similar to the last.

The hardest part about coming back from that is knowing that you have to do it again …in order to love and be loved you have to be the rawest form of yourself. Removing brick by brick to expose your vulnerability…

When a once already broken woman breaks down her walls for you , she peals back all the layers of her strength…the strength that was built after countless nights of no sleep and where tears met her pillows. The days she woke up to become enemies with all her thoughts and memories and the hours spent alone when solitude felt like her only best friend.

…The only best friend that wouldn’t let her down.

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