Who is Shay?

Hi everyone!

I just want to take a moment out to thank those of you who took the time to stop by my page. I hope you were able to enjoy it, as I worked very hard to make this happen. I appreciate all the support I can get as I explore all my hidden talents and embrace my current ones. If there was ever a subject in school i enjoyed, it had to be communication arts, give me a pen and paper and I could write you a story in less than an hour. When it comes down to pouring my thoughts and emotions on a paper I do it effortlessly. It’s always been my escape. I’m 28 years old, proud hispanic female from the Eastern part of PA. I’ve live in a little town, where tourist love to visit and stay and where there are so many entrepreneurs and smaller local businesses,it’s inspiring, its part of the reason I’m here today. I am truly inspired.
I would like to think of myself as an old soul living in a generation I don’t seem to understand, I am crazy passionate about almost anything I love, I’m all emotion and depth and that’s what I’m bringing to my blog.